Celebrating 140 Years

Thank you so much for visiting our new website and our very first blog post for Friends of Carondelet Park (FoCP).  We would like to start out by thanking everyone in the community who has supported FoCP over the years. Our friends, neighbors, visitors and supporters of Carondelet Park will continue to be our motivation for supporting this south St. Louis gem.
A few things with FoCP has changed over the past month. With a new president and board of directors in place, our organization will be focused on bringing arts & cultural programs to the park. We’ve got some exciting things planned for our beloved park, which is just in time to celebrate the parks 140th birthday.
Be on the look out for The Paper Box Project, a free crafting event that allows park visitors to make birthday cards for the park. We are so thankful for our volunteers who have helped setup on the playground and boathouse as well as our sponsor DCWV Inc. who graciously donated paper and card making supplies. As we continue these events throughout the park and other areas of St. Louis, we hope to meet more friends of Carondelet Park!

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